Hello! I’m an experienced iOS app developer based in the UK. You’ll find a bit about me, my skills and experience here, and can get in touch with me should you want an app developing, or a contractor to hire.

I have over 6 years developing iOS apps in Swift and/or Objective C, for a wide variety of clients, both big and small.

I recently completed 4 years as a contractor, working on big enterprise iPad apps for Pernod-Ricard, used by thousands of reps all over Europe and Africa. I’ve also worked for big clients such as Universal Music, The Salvation Army and CPI Card Group, as well as lots of smaller local projects for startups and non-profits.

You can see my portfolio online here, but as a lot of it is under contract please contact me for a password, or a screen share demo of what I’ve been working on.

Key Skills

  • Totally native iOS app creation using Objective C in Xcode.
  • Intermediate-Level Swift.
  • In depth knowledge and experience of Foundation and UIKit.
  • UI creation using Storyboards, XIB, or programmatically with auto-layout.
  • Modern Objective C skills: OO fundamentals, protocols and delegates, blocks, operation queues and GCD, KVO.
  • Real world experience using frameworks including CoreData, MapKit, Core Location, Core Animation, AVFoundation, AddressBook programming, WebKit, Push Notifications.
  • RESTful integration with JSON based web services, using NSURLSessions as well as third-party frameworks such as AFNetworking. Background fetching and parsing of JSON data into CoreData using private contexts.
  • Catching and fixing bugs using breakpoint debugging.
  • Provisioning ad-hoc builds, distribution via TestFlight, code-signing and submission to App Store. Enterprise distribution.
  • Version control with Git.